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    Artistic Design. Individuality. The experience is all about You.

    JoLee Manson, Pro Makeup Artist & Educator

    It is a lifelong affair with color & artistry. It began at age 6 while sitting at formal soirees watching my beautiful mother & aunts with their divine cat eyes, contoured cheeks & perfected lips. I knew then that it was this beauty that will make my world electric with color.

    It was more than just makeup. It was a love story of color that enhanced gorgeous Liz Taylor cheekbones, lips that pouted the perfect red like Sophia Loren's. Eyes that captivated your soul when you gazed into them. The contours, the curves, the skin of faces that intrigues me to create such beauty. Taking a woman's beautiful face & creating her love story of color to read her eyes, how delicate her skin is, how secretive her lips are.....


    It has been 20 years since my destiny began with color. I have been a part of amazing artistry teams, mentored by the best in the industry, and had the opportunity to travel from Chicago to New York. San Francisco to LA. Collaborated with Pro's for show performances, runway fashion, commercials & print work. Experiencing all that I have, bringing this illuminating beauty back to my clients - is what I love. My passion is translated with each beauty that sits with me. For beauty is something everyone has. Artistry is enhancing it to feel the beauty inside as well as outside.


    I look forward to doing the same for you.

    Renee Marcoux, Pro Hair Stylist & Educator

    Blame it on my teenage years when I was 'style extraordianire' by doing exactly what I loved & using my girlfriends as models while we were getting ready for the school dance. I followed my passion for hair throughout school & wanted to go into cosmetology school right away. Well my momma encouraged me to continue my college education further. After many years of college & exploring different careers- I decieded to finally fulfill my dream of being a Pro Stylist.


    I joined the Patrick's Salon team as an apprentice for cosmetology. 16 years later, my dream career is flourishing and my home salon is Patrick's. My clientele is diverse & I specialize in long hair. Creative styling from casual to special events.


    I love making my clients feel & look beautiful. I can't wait to have you in my chair to share the experience with you too!

  • About Us....

    The experience is everything. 


    You don't want to look like everyone else? Of course NOT! By trusting your artists in both hair & makeup, is what will enhance everything from your time with us to the event you are attending.


    The core of what we do & who we are. Without passion - creativity is obsolete. The values that are the foundation of the artistry we create are those of passion, dedication for excellence & trust. 

    Let the experience begin...

    We make the 'beauty hour' for hair and makeup a magical one. Whether it's all glam for a wedding or special event- we want to have you relax and enjoy every moment of your time with us.


    Of course we specialize in wedding & special events for hair and makeup, but we also offer a few other spectacular services:


    *'Education Sessions'.

    ~~ If you have tried to mimic your style from when you have had your hair done prior, and just cannot master it, Renee will lead you through the steps on how to do it. With simplicity & ease, Renee will empower you and show you how to achieve the look you want. Not to mention that Renee will help you with product knowledge of what is best for your hair type and for the desired style.


    ~~With makeup, let's face it, we are not going to all look exactly like the pics on Instagram or the cover of magazines that have been re-touched. However, a Lesson with JoLee will enable you to achieve the knowledge of an application based on what you are looking for. Some days you may feel like a clean, sleek business look. Other days might be all about brows & a bold lip. Let's not forget about a sultry smokey eye. All based around a flawless complexion that JoLee can help you to learn to do.


    *Fluff & Buff

    ~~ Busy at the office or home with the kids but need Dr.Pretty asap? Well we are here at your service. We can help secure you the perfect time for you to visit us at our Beaute Bar in the Salon or make come right to you at the office or home.


    *House Call

    ~~ going on an interview? Having a dinner party that night with friends and can't get out of the house to make it the salon? Any day of the week, at the time that is right for you, we will bring the M Beaute Bar to you. No need to worry and stress for we are in route to you to beautify you for any occasion.


    So come see us. Let's grab you a coffee, and spend some time investing into YOU. Nothing more exhilerating than looking good & feeling even better!

  • Who We Are

    Beauty Onsite or on Location

    M Beaute Bar 

    Providing outstanding, personalized services of hair, makeup & teeth whitening. Whether a wedding, charity event, bachelorette party, sorority soirée or just a night out with the girls.... M Beaute Bar will create the perfect look for you.


    On location will provide you with the ease of us traveling to you for your appointment time. On site we can provide you with a salon environment experience. Our Beaute Bar is inside Patricks Salon- located @ 5451 W Saginaw Hwy, Lansing, MI 48917

    Let us create personalized artistry for you

    Some call it magic. We say it's a little time and connecting with us to explore the vision of what you desire. Artistry is very personal - by sharing our knowledge and experience, we promise you will feel amazing & look spectacular!

    If you wish to set an appointment time, please CONTACT US

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    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.

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